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Monday, 8 January 2018

8 Premium Android Apps to Get Unlimited VPN for FREE 2018 latest

8 Premium Android Apps to Get Unlimited VPN for FREE

What is a VPN?

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. In simple words, it means a virtual network in which the user remains anonymous and remains untraceable from the website trackers.

Using VPN, you can change your IP address to any other IP address.

By default, an IP address can be used to determine the location of the user he is browsing from.

Hence, the ability to change IP address enables you to change your location to virtually any place in the world.

That is why this is called Virtual Private Network. You may be browsing from your home but you can choose any location around the world as your browsing location.

It has many important uses due to its advantages.

Features and Advantages of using VPN:

Hides your original IP Address and Changes IP Address so that you can surf anonymously.
Unblocks any websites blocked by your ISP, Administrators or by law or court orders.
Protects your identity over a Wi-Fi Network so that hackers cannot get into your private files.
Protects you from visiting sites having Malware.
Helps to browse Google Play without country restrictions to download unavailable apps in your country.
Tricks to getting Unlimited Free VPN:

Well, before I jump into the main article, let me clarify this, there are two ways to enjoy unlimited free vpn, the ethical and the unethical ways.

The ethical ways include services that are provided for free and will remain free forever.

The unethical ways are those whose services are by default not free but have been modified and unlocked so that the premium services can be used without paying for them.

We are sharing both the ways for you here, it is entirely your decision which to choose and to stick on.

We strongly recommend using the ethical ones and also suggest you buy their premium services to support them.
100% Free to Use VPN Apps with Limited Features:

Let’s move on to the 100% Free VPN Services first.

Use Super:

This VPN app is a simple app with minimum modifications or settings. Just install and run. Each session is of 60 minutes after that you have to manually renew the session for free with just a click of a button.

Use Cloud Unlimited:

CloudVPN is yet another app just like SuperVPN that you can use for accessing Free and Unlimited VPN Service. It has a one-click connection button to connect to their servers.

Use Flash Free Proxy App:

The main advantage of this VPN app over other free to use Apps is that it lets you choose the server of your choice, while others just click to connect where you only get connected to the server they provide. FlashVPN servers are available in USA, England, and Japan to give you more privacy.

Use Hola Free App:

This is the most functional of all the Free VPN Apps available on Play Store. You can choose from 190 countries to fake your location. At the time of writing this post, this app has got 10 million downloads in the Play Store with 4.3 out of 5 ratings.

Premium Unlocked VPN Apps:

The apps given above are our handpicked Free VPN app suggestions to fake your location, mask and change your ip address all for 100% Free.

But let me tell you, these apps lack the Premium Features which are only available to the Paid versions of the apps.

Hence, we present you some exclusive premium unlocked apps which can be used to get unlimited free VPN. Check these out.

Use HideMyIP Premium Unlocked Apk:

HideMyIP is the best VPN Solution for all Android Users due to it’s fastest servers. Their subscriptions are a bit difficult to afford, but here we are sharing with you HideMyIP Premium Unlocked APK through which you can access to the HideMyIP Premium servers for free.

Use Hotspot Shield Unlimited Elite Unlocked Apk:

Hotspot Shield Android App is a brilliant app for using VPN Services. By default, it is a paid app. But we are sharing a modded Elite Version Apk of Hotspot Shield that you can download and enjoy Unlimited free VPN.

Hotspot Shield

Use HideNinja Elite Unlocked APK:

HideNinja VPN is protected with 256-bit AES encryption algorithm making it one of the most secure VPN apps you can rely on. HideNinja is normally not available for free, but, as usual, we have HIdeNinja Unlocked version of the Premium Elite. So enjoy full protection.

Use Droid Premium Modded Apk:

DroidVPN is another popular app for Android Users especially because it gives daily free access to its Services with a limit of 100 MB Per Day. But don’t worry, we are sharing with you a premium DroidVPN ask that you can use for unlimited access to the free servers. Note: The paid servers are not available.

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That’s all about VPN, both paid and free. But if you ask me what service I recommend you to go for then I will say buy a premium service.

Among all other VPN services, you can check out the most popular and affordable HideMyIP VPN and it will satisfy all your basic needs. Subscriptions start from as low as 7$ per month.

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