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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Free Unlimited Calling WorldWide | How to make Prank Calls Trick:Flipcall

Free Unlimited Calling WorldWide | How to make Prank Calls Trick: Flipcall

Hello Guys!! I am back.Today I am going to share an Amazing Trick that is How To FREE Unlimited Calling Trick World Wide. This is a Working and Genuine Trick, Personally tested by me and by using this you can Make Prank calls also :D.

So here we will use a newly launched Android app called Flipcall, which gives Rs 60 bonus credits on Sign up. But here we will provide you a trick by which you all can call unlimited :) so follow the steps:-

Follow the Instructions to use Flipcall:-1). First of all download Flipcall app from play store or Click Here

2). Now Sign up using your mobile number and you will get $1(Rs 61) for trial purposes...

Note: It will not ask for verification :D. So you can prank your friends also :D at the end of this tutorial how to Prank your friends...

3). Now, What you have to do is, Just make a call to any number.

4). Now you will receive a call in which you will get connected to the number you made the call.

5). Now just Enjoy the 120 minutes of free calling (for India). To get unlimited minutes follow the below steps..

To get Unlimited minutes:-

1). Now just empty your free credits by calling and when our balance becomes Rs.0 ..Go to Settings>Apps Manager>Flipcall and Clear the data.

2). Now signup again and enjoy another $1(Rs 60) or 120 minutes(for India) :D. So you call unlimited anywhere around the world for free :D $$$$$

Now How to Prank Anyone by Using Flipcall:-

1). You just Simply Sign up to Flipcall by using your friend’s or enemy’s number... As I said above it will not ask for verification :D...

2). Now make a call to your number and now you will get automatically call from your friend’s number :D
Now your friends will be shocked :D. Prank you, friends, easily.

Note:- It's only for educational purposes. I am not responsible any harm done by you...

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