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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Android user check this camera app

If you are Android user check this camera app

So friends today Android user check this camera app I am talking about an app that will help u too shot DSLR type photos from your Android phone also it will help you to shoot Pro photos in low light the app is free and downloadable from Play Store so the app name is camera FV 5 in this app .

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you will get all the pro features like DSLR you can take bokeh selfie is also portrait shot with this mobile phone camera this app is only 25 MB large so you don't need to free up space also this app comes with exploser metre so you can set the exploser and I also as you want so if you want to take beautiful photos from your mobile you can also try it videos app that will help you to make videos from your mobile like pro camera its name camera FV 5 video so check out these two apps on play store and comment below how you feel or how much you satisfied from these to apps.

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