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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

5 best music widgets for Android

5 best music widgets for Android

Android’s true power comes alive with the use of widgets. These mini apps display more than what an icon is capable of and are very interactive. Smartphone manufacturers usually add custom widgets that pure stock is deprived of. You’re most familiar with clock widgets and others, such as weather widgets, music player, gallery and calendar widgets. The developments in the widget space have skyrocketed, and more so in music than anything else.

The five best music widgets for Android

A widget has many sides to it. It must gel in well with your wallpaper and icons, possess enough contrast, be smoothly interactive, and, by default, attractive. Some apps are widget extensions that allow you to customize the widget itself. Let’s list five of the best music widgets available on the Play Store.



Ubiquity Music Widget

With KWGT (Kustom Widgets) being a game-changer, Ubiquity offers a simple experience. It doesn't use Kustom's editor. Its style has minimal features that you let draw from album art, with other properties that may hinder contrast with a light wallpaper. Explore and choose the one that fits your screen best.




Built for Kustom, this widget pack has 17 widgets made from Komponents (widgets in Kustom), meaning it can be used across both Kustom apps. It's simple, offering only two settings - resizing and color change. The widgets are diverse and innovative.



Material Music Komponent

Based on Kustom again, and has three widgets. They come in Large, Regular, and Compact sizes. Material Music has easy controls. Color changing can be done to different parts of each widget and blends seamlessly with Android's material design.



KMusic and KMusic 2

KMusic has widgets based on popular music apps - Spotify, Apple Music, Play Music. It has originals as well. Since KMusic doesn't have Komponents (it's layered), it can be highly customized. However, you'll have to explore quite a lot and it doesn't come too easy. KMusic 2 is fresher and more compact. These apps require a lot of exploring, and excellent if you take your widgets seriously.
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KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

KWGT offers a universe of customized widgets. Ranging from digital, analog clocks to weather, text, battery etc. Its variety is wide and encompassing all smartphone areas. Music widgets are especially nicer and allow for integration of different extensions as mentioned above. However, its size is daunting. You get skins, custom fonts, colors, shapes, 3D transformations, Status Bar notifications, and plenty enough to keep you engaged.

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