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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Top 10 Android apps to use when your internet is slow

10 Android apps to use when your internet is slow

Being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no access to information that can be used to get out of there is something that happens to everyone at a particular point in time. The various advancements in the field of smartphones technology have resulted in the development of a variety of apps which have been designed specifically to work in areas which have bad connectivity.

10 Android apps to use when your internet is slow

These apps will not work if you are in areas with no access to the Internet. You need to have at least a little data for these to work.




Data Saver Mode

You can also make use of the data saver mode available in most browsers to make browsing possible with lesser data available.




Google Go

Google Go is packed with useful options like Maps, Translate, and Weather. The ‘Use light web pages' option can be enabled to use less data while browsing inside the app.





If you wish to keep an eye on the apps that eat into your data and block apps and services that consume too much data, Google's take on data management and tracking is the answer.




Opera Max

Opera Max is a free VPN service which reduces data consumption by routing all unencrypted traffic through Opera's servers and running it through its compression algorithms.




Facebook Lite

All the basic functions of Facebook packed into a smaller, lighter version of the app, the only things missing are live streaming, group and page management features.




Messenger Lite

No ads, no promotions, and no stories.
Photos can still be viewed but Messenger's plugins for GIFs and stickers will not work.




Skype Lite

This app is exclusive to India, tailor-made to work in areas with slow networks, this app can be made available everywhere by sideloading the APK.




YouTube Go

Download videos and share them with your friends on this app, this app works even without an Internet connection. The videos you download are compressed and do not use up your bandwidth either.





This app is not available on the Play Store and has to be downloaded from the alternate F-Droid app store. Even when stuck with low bandwidth, you can download a video in low resolution.





The app is designed to monitor and have complete control over which app or service can make use of your data connection.

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