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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Photography Earn money by Jobs Online | Get Paid To Take Photos!

Photography Jobs Online  Get Paid To Take Photos

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Here's the power of recurring commissions with just 5+ sales a day!

Daily SalesMonthly MembersMonthly Profit
Month 1 on just 5 sales day5 sales a day = 150 members a month$2,025
Month 2 on just 5 sales a day150 members + 150 new members = 300 members$4,050
Month 3 on just 5 sales a day300 members + 150 new members = 450 members$6,075
Month 4 on just 5 sales a day450 members + 150 new members = 600 members$8,100
Month 5 on just 5 sales a day600 members + 150 new members = 750 members$10,125

**You could be earning $10,000++ per month with just 5 sales a day!

Our program is currently converting 1 sale out of 50 visitors. So if you send us 200 clicks a day expect 3-4 sales!

How is it possible for affiliates to earn so much money?

Easy! We provide them with all the banners they need to make their advertising endeavors successful. Affiliates of will receive all the material they need to do their advertising - FREE. Why would we do this you ask? Because if you don't make money, we don't make money!

  1. How can I make sure you will pay me?
    An independent third party program named Clickbank handles the sales and payments to both affiliates and sites owners, like us. To join this affiliate program you will need to sign up with Clickbank (details below), but this is free & easy to do.

  2. When do I get paid?
    Clickbank pays you by check every 2 weeks no matter where you live in the world! When you log-in your Clickbank account, you will have access to real-time statistics so you can see how much money you have earned at any time. The best thing to do is take a tour of the Clickbank site once you register.

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