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Monday, 18 November 2019

Best Personality Development Test To Know Yourself Better

Best Personality Development Test To Know Yourself Better| Personality Development Tips 2019

Personality Development For Better Lifestyle

 It's a subject that has fascinated me for years now and has fundamentally  changed my life and vision by taking a step back on many topics.

I was very touched by the wave of support and interest I received from you as a result of these first Personality Development articles,  and many of you claim it more regularly! Since personal development seems to please you as much as me, I decided to post more regularly on this topic. Do you like the idea?

Best Personality Development Test To Know Yourself Better| Personality Development Tips 2019

"Capitalize on one's qualities and assume one's weak points"

Today we will talk about self-knowledge . If there is one thing that I am convinced of, it is that to be in tune with others, one must first be in touch with oneself . Self-acceptance is a real journey, often long and complicated because we all tend to be very hard on ourselves. But it is nevertheless one of the foundations of well-being and happiness. "The person you must love and respect above all else is yourself!"
To learn to accept yourself, you first have to get to know each other ! The human tendency is often to hide one's face or to be too harsh with oneself by drawing a blackboard of one's personality and focusing on one's faults while minimizing one's qualities. Yet knowing and claiming its strengths and being fully aware of its weaknesses is a real added value. Identifying its weaknesses is the first step in finding solutions to overcome them!
Obviously, it is absolutely utopian to imagine being talented in everything and to have no defect. Even the greatest geniuses of our time have or had flaws and weaknesses! To know how to capitalize on one's qualities and to assume one's weaknesses , that is the real key to success.
Best Personality Development Test To Know Yourself Better| Personality Development Tips 2019

For a long time I dreamed of having a more adventurous personality, but it's just not me"

Gretchen has written a list of "Personal Commandments"  and the first of these is simply "Be Gretchen": to fully accept oneself and not play a role . It was a real revelation for me and I opened my eyes on many things following the simple reading of this sentence. Let me give you an example: I am a pretty homebody and need a framework and a certain routine to flourish. When I travel in particular, I need to choose places that make me feel at home, even on the other side of the world otherwise I'm anxious. For a long time I dreamed of having a more adventurous personality : I dreamed of wanting to go around the world with just a backpack or go on an adventure at the last minute without having a specific plan in mind ... but it's just not me.

Accept that changed everything! I realized that to appreciate something I needed a framework and organization. Having an established setting is what allows me to fully enjoy the moments and total spontaneity and the last minute m'angoissent! Control freak did you say? Am I right or wrong? This is not the question ! We are all different and there is no right or wrong way to be or feel things.
Since then, "Be Daphne" has become one of my mantras. The idea is not to not change and not to try to surpass oneself, to challenge oneself or to leave one's comfort zone (it is essential to do so but that is another subject) but to know how to identify our intrinsic values, those that make us who we are .
Best Personality Development Test To Know Yourself Better| Personality Development Tips 2019

However, even having this in mind, hard to introspect on yourself! I really like the idea of ​​personality tests to learn to better understand and emerge its qualities and flaws. I know some people are reluctant about this type of testing, but when they're serious and well thought out like the ones I'm going to introduce, they can be really revealing . Even the most dubious of you should be convinced by passing these tests and reading the results, you'll see!

   Personality Test

Best Personality Development Test To Know Yourself Better| Personality Development Tips 2019

Be careful, do these tests alone and calmly and frankly with yourself. It is important to formulate honest and nonjudgmental answers if you want the results to be meaningful and revealing.

•The MBTI Personality test

The MBTI test, or Myers Briggs Type Indicator, is one of the most well-known personality tests. This assessment tool can be used to determine the psychological type of a person (among 16 possible personality types) according to great preferences: Extraversion / Introversion, Intuition / Sensation, Thinking / Feeling and Judgment / Perception.

This is also my favorite personality test and the one I pass to all my knowledge haha! It's a REVELATION every time and I have never met someone who does not recognize 100% in the portrait drawn at the end of the test , also very accurate and declined on each side of life (at work , in friendship, in love, as parents etc.). It's always bluffing!

My Result: I have a rare personality type (2% of the population): ENFJ ("Protagonist"). I must say that I find myself perfectly in the description that is made of this type of personality: attentive, authentic, altruistic, passionate with leadership skills but too sensitive, too idealistic and suffering from paralysis when making difficult decisions.

•The OCEAN personality test

The OCEAN test  (also called "Big Five" test) is a Personality Development Test that is based on five major personality factors: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agréabilité, Neuroticism. It's quick to do and really interesting!
My result: I am very above average in conscienciosity (when I say that I am control freak haha) and above average for Extraversion (positive and energetic attitude). I am average for neuroticism (tendency to feel negative emotions.), Slightly below for the opening to the experience (I told you above that I was at home!) And below average for the agreeableness (because I tend not to trust others easily and I can also be hard in my judgments). Very true !

•The Hexaco personality test

The Hexaco test  is more complete than the OCEAN test and takes some of the personality factors of the latter: Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agréabilité, Ouverture while enriching them with new ones including the Emotivity and the Humility and by categorizing the whole thing by -categories more precise. It is a little longer to complete but more detailed too .
My result: Perfectionist, creative, sensitive, full of energy, a little too anxious, not flexible, lacking indulgence and seeking conformism (I am reassured by the conventional things and respect the frames and the rules). Once again, I find myself totally in this description !
Best Personality Development Test To Know Yourself Better| Personality Development Tips 2019

•The Compass test

I discovered  the compass test  thanks to  my friend Anne-Cecile (she also passionate about personality tests) during our vacation. This test is more career oriented than personal. Short enough to complete, it allows to identify its strengths according to 4 major factors: Management / Strategy / Creativity / Operation.

•English tests

If you speak English, the two tests below are part of my favorites and have been particularly revealing to me! 

The Four Tendencies Quiz by Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies test (one of my favorite personal development writers ) is really fantastic because it highlights traits and personality factors that are not traditionally used in most common personality . It categorizes 4 major personality trends (with secondary tendencies) all more glaring truth than each other!
My result: Obligate with Upholder tendencies: the trust that others give me is paramount in my eyes and if I promised someone that I would do something I will never clear myself (reliability), even if it must to harm myself. An example: I post on the blog on Monday / Wednesday / Friday and Sunday and it is for me a commitment to you. The few times I have not been able to fill it in 11 years of blogging I'm sick (while you probably never noticed haha).
Gretchen has even written a fascinating book solely on the four main types of personalities that she has defined that will allow you to push your introspection even further but also to better understand others by identifying the types of personalities (and the different reactions that 'they engender) people around you. Once again it's a revelation and I can only recommend this test and the book that accompanies it.

•Learn Your Love Language
Best Personality Development Test To Know Yourself Better| Personality Development Tips 2019

The test of 5 Love Languages  is one of the tests that has the most impact on my personal life and especially on my relationship with my family. Gary Chapman, the author of The 5 Love Languages associated with this test argues that we all speak different languages ​​of love and that sometimes we can not understand ourselves if we do not learn to identify and to speak the language of the love of others. A concept so simple but I had never thought of it!

Do not be discouraged by the hyper cheesy look of the site and pass the test quickly, the results are really exciting!

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