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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Secrets About The Leadership Theories & Skill To Change The World

Secrets About The Leadership Theories & Skill To Change The World

How could I be of more value to the Society? How can I be a Change Maker?  How can I make a difference to the World around me and in Article I wanted to share a specific model which is borrowed from Late Dr. Stephen Covey in his  Bestseller Book called "The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People" in this book there is one particular model that Dr. Covey talks about and Theories Of Social Change that is dividing life's issues the challenges in life in two parts  one part  which I called shaded gray  yeah I called this part shaded gray this part is about the dark areas of your life and Dr. Stephen Covey calls it The Circle Of Concern these are things you are concerned about but you can't change them this is the traffic,the weather, the pollution, the roads which are not to your expectations the other people's behavior which is not according to your liking the economic opportunities one country is going to war with another country you know things like acts of God you know tsunamis and other things cyclones volcanoes all the sort of stuff your circle of concern you're concerned about these things as an awakened citizen you've want to be able to do something about it but you find yourself powerless over these things.
Secrets About The Leadership Theories & Skill To Change The World

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Okay what dr. Cobb is saying if you focus all your energy and your time  on Factors Of Social Change on things which concern you but you can't change them are you going to Feel Negative you're going to feel like a Victim going to feel that I can't do anything to change this thing he suggests that there's a smaller circle inside you're all your  troubles all your issues all your problems there's a smaller circle and the circle is called the Circle Of Influence.
The Circle Of Influence Which really means here are things small things and significant things but these things are under your direct control you don't need anyone's permission to stop this you don't need to spend extra money to stop you don't need to wait tomorrow for someone's permission to start this these are things which are under your control and this is what this model is suggesting redirect your focus from things which concern you but you can't do anything about them to the things which you can control. Be a circle of influence right and ask yourself this question what can I do today to make the world a better place With Theories Of Social Change no matter how small Thing how significant it might be what can I do today to make the world a better place I want to make the entire world happy okay that's a big goal that's out here there's this millions of people who you know out there and some of them have decided they never want to be happy but can you make one person smile today? that's the question you can ask can you make one person smile today you might say oh that doesn't make a difference and  I'll argue with you that it does make a difference when the vast majority of humanity will operate from the circle of influence a good  doctor is being a good doctor is doing his level best to practice his profession a teacher entering the classroom is being a world class teacher is passionate about what he or she is doing a bus driver greeting people as they walk in into his bus right somebody working at a cafe or some you know again putting his best efforts into making the best coffee possible you know for that particular day a good coffee for a coffee lover can make or break someone's day you all coffee lovers you know that right if you focusing on this particular question what can I do today what is within my control and Foeget it about significance how big or small it is that's that's not for you to worry about there is something called The Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly Effect Say  Butterfly Fly even when a butterfly flaps its wings the very action of flapping its wings is going is having this ripple effect throughout the universe which means any act of kindness no matter how small it might be has ripple effects across the world right other people see your example and it gives them the world is changed as Paulo Coelho says "The world is changed not by your opinion".

Secrets About The Leadership Theories & Skill To Change The World

Through social media now everybody has an opinion right there's millions of Opinions there's millions of Quotations who cares we have more information more inspiration out on Facebook every day than we did five years ago or ten years ago have we become better as a planet have we become better as human beings perhaps not and I go back to Paulo Coelho who said "The world is made better not through your opinion but through your example" So the question is are you offering a good example to the world or not opinions are free opinions are easy examples are hard right so this is a model that I suggest to anyone who wants to make an impact in the world it redirect your focus from your concerns from your worries from things that you can't control to what you can control to what you can influence to what you can do the best to within your abilities to what you control and then what your the beauty of this thing is gradually as you focus inwards on what you can do today the circle is going to grow bigger what falls within your influence is going to grow bigger things which early over outside your control now just because you've decided to focus in that direction you now have control over them asthma you now have greater power but the problem with too many the mistake that too many people make is they focus all their energy all their time cribbing about complaining about whining about all these issues which are out here while actually they should be focusing here doing the best they can and then Watching Their Strengths And Their Power and their influence grow so that they can make a much larger impact on humanity.

Secrets About The Leadership Theories & Skill To Change The World

 The beautiful story which is an old story and chances are my reader might have heard/read it before but it's very relevant in this content so the story goes that there's a woman who goes out for jogging on the beach and she spots a little kid who was picking up starfish there's millions of starfish which have been washed ashore and they're dying out of the water and this little kid is picking up one starfish at a time and putting her back in through the ocean again picks up another starfish goes and drops her back into the ocean again so this this woman is watching this whole what's going on this whole thing and she stops to ask out of curiosity from the little kid do you think what you're doing is going to make a difference and you can't  Change The World I mean look look at yourself and look at the hub there's millions of starfish out there it's not gonna make a difference kid go home do something else why are you wasting your time you know sort of adult logic Human Logic grown-up peoples logic kids have their long logic do you know they're Changemakers in the true sense they're Dreamers  they come on this planet with great energy to be able to change things or Social Change In Sociology And make a difference and she's so smart she doesn't even reply back sometime it's futile it's pointless to argue sometimes you just have to respond back with your actions and that is what this little kid does doesn't say a word goes back picks up the next starfish ports are in the ocean picks up another starfish ports are in the ocean again and then finally when she's picking up the next starfish she looks into the woman's eyes and tells her it's going to make a difference to this one and she picks it up and puts it back into the ocean again and then goes back and picks up another one and says it's going to make a difference to this one too and she carries one what she's doing and that's my message to you and to everyone out there who's reading no matter how small how insignificant how useless how pointless your efforts might seem today if you believe in your mission and if you are Focusing on what you can do today if you reduce your energy complaining and increase your energy in falling up your sleeves and jumping in and doing something practical of value to the world if you are not just offering your opinion but also your example you're already a Change Maker.
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Secrets About The Leadership Theories & Skill To Change The World

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