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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

How Do You Control Your Thoughts? Best Way To Conquer Mind.

The Huge Potential of Controlling Your Mind Is our mind sick?
Very few people are aware of the enormous power that our mind has. For better or worse. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, our mind has become our worst enemy. They say we get to have more than 60,000 thoughts a day; and that most of them usually have a great negative thoughts .
 As an example I will include some common negative thoughts examples of our daily lives that more than one will resonate with you: "I don't know if I can ...", "I am not able ...", "They will not accept it ...", "I am not prepared ... ”,“ They will tell me not… ”,“ They won't select me… ”,“ They won't like me… ”,“ How silly I am! ”,“ How ugly I am! ”,“ How fat I am! ”,“ How bad I am! ”,“ I’m sick, ”“ How it hurts! ”,“ So we don’t go anywhere! ”,“ I don’t throw! ”, “I'm tired!”, “I'm not going to pass the test!”, “They won't approve me!”, “Look what they've done to me!”, “I don't deserve this!”, “¡ I will not forgive him! ”,“ Poor me ”...

So Questions To Be Answered In This Article is

How To Control Your Mind? 

How Do You Control Your Thoughts? Best Way To Conquer Mind.

As Eckhart Tolle says in his book "The Power of Now": "Thinking has become a disease ..." "The mind is a fantastic instrument if used correctly. But used incorrectly it can become something tremendously destructive… ” “It's not that we use our mind incorrectly, it's that we don't use it at all. It is she who uses us. This is the disease ... " “You think you are your mind. This is the deception. The instrument has taken control over you. The mind is using you… ” “You are unconsciously linked to her, so you don't even know that you have become her slave. It's almost as if you were possessed without ever knowing… ”

The mind must be an instrument for your own benefit. The mind is there to be used when you need it, but when it has finished its function leave it still, let it rest. Can you do that Can you get rid of your mind when you want? Have you found the button to turn it off? The answer is no! The majority of people have not found the button to turn it off and find a horse prancing inside, wild and poorly educated, which ends up affecting their health and happiness.

Control Your Mind With These Components:

Our Thoughts Are Living Things

How Do You Control Your Thoughts? Best Way To Conquer Mind.

You can move the world with your thoughts. You can cure your illnesses or you can get sick with your thoughts. The stronger and more persistent your thoughts, the more impact they will have on your life and that of others. There is a direct relationship between intensity, and the intention of our thoughts, with the results obtained. Every thought we send out creates a vibration that never disappears. It vibrates every particle in the universe and remains in it to tune into minds that move within the same frequency. It is a simple way to expose the theories of Quantum Physics that is helping to understand the reality of the world in which we live. And as a representative we can name the most successful scientist of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein, who became popular with the famous phrase: "Energy does not disappear, it only transforms."

Our mind is a machine without wires, it is like a transmitter-receiver radar. In the same way that we can tune TV channels in our home without cables, so can our own mind. Therefore we can send positive or negative thoughts to the universe, helping or harming others. Can you imagine, then, the damage we can do to ourselves and others when we cultivate selfish thoughts, of fear, hate, resentment, envy, jealousy, revenge, anger and malice? Not only do we intoxicate our body with the chemical reactions that these thoughts cause in our metabolism but we distort the frequency of vibration of our organism causing disharmony and disease in our own physical body and sending those disharmonizing waves outward with the consequent damage to others . Every impulse of our mind, every thought, has a direct connection with our cells. If we harbor negative thoughts, we are confused, we feel depression or we have negative emotions, it will be transmitted telegraphically through the nervous system to each of the cells of our body. Soldier cells experience a panic attack and are weakened without being able to perform their functions correctly. They become inefficient. Every negative thought is a loss of our vital energy that causes a weakening of the immune system and an open door to disease.

The Gigantic Force of Thought

How Do You Control Your Thoughts? Best Way To Conquer Mind.

Thoughts are the most powerful force that exists on earth. In the same way that thought can be a powerful lethal weapon, it can also be the most creative and constructive force known. Negative thoughts, destroy, make you sick ... Positive thoughts build, transform, renew ... We live in a world of thought. Thoughts are contagious. They pass from one man to another. They can influence people. Creating or destroying Bitterness and sweetness is not in things, it is in the mind, they are in the mind of the thinker. Friend or enemy, virtue or vice are only in the mind. Each person creates a good or bad world, of pleasure or pain, only in their imagination. There is nothing good or bad in this world. It is your mind that makes it good or bad. Thought is a gigantic force that controls your life, shapes your character and sculpts your destiny. The correct knowledge and training of your mind can make you acquire positive powers without limits. In the same way that thought chains a man, if you change or transform those thoughts, the disease disappears and you find yourself Swimming in an ocean of bliss and happiness. Man is the sculptor of his destiny. That is his piece of art. Each person builds their destiny with the power of thought. You can do or undo. Many faculties, energies etc  are latent in you. Uncover them and become a great and free being.

Learning to be happy

How Do You Control Your Thoughts? Best Way To Conquer Mind.
This is best component to control your mind We are not suffering because of our limits, we are suffering because of our freedom. This is the tragedy. You can choose to be happy or feel miserable. You can choose to be part of 90% of people who feel miserable and "poor about me," or not. The Universe has given you all the capabilities to cross all those barriers and tools to learn to be happy. The rest is your individual freedom. You take it or not. Eckhart Tolle expresses it very well when he says: "The first thing we must understand is that the problem is not in thought, but in unnecessary identification with thoughts that lead us to negative states of stress, depression, etc. Therefore the solution it is in the De-identification of these unnecessary thoughts. You are not this entity that possesses you - the Thinker. If you accept this you can allow yourself to observe the entity, and you will become the Observer ... "" The moment you begin to observing the thinker, a high level of consciousness is activated ... Then you realize that there is a broad spectrum of intelligence behind our thinking, and that the thought is only a very small aspect of this intelligence ... You also begin to realize that things that really are important - like beauty, kindness, love, kindness, happiness, inner peace - they are born beyond the mind ... You start to wake up! "

But how do you separate yourself from the thinker to become the Observer?
How to control your mind?
How can you tame the wild horse that has taken over your mind? How can you leave your mind still when you don't need it? There is something beyond our mind that resides in silence. It is the supreme mystery beyond our thoughts. Let the mind rest in silence, and in nothing else,.

How Do You Control Your Thoughts? Best Way To Conquer Mind.

 Yes. The answer is silence. Allow yourself to learn the art of putting silence in your mind to improve the quality of your own life and that of others.
 The only way to learn the art of silence is to learn the art of MEDITATION. But when it comes to meditation, in general there is very little knowledge about it. Most people not only ignore the technique, but completely ignore the concept of what meditation is.
For many, meditation is synonymous with concentration or recitation. That, in reality, is not meditation. That is not the meditation that will make a fundamental change in your life.
Meditation is more than a practice; it is a process. True meditation is based on Observation.
The observation of the game of your mind with a completely neutral energy. This process completely breaks with the identification of your mind. And this will be the preliminary step to appease it, silence it, and begin a fascinating journey inland. The trip that will allow you to meet the true nature of being, with a better understanding of the laws of the universe and finally with your own liberation. Hence we have created a special "TRAVEL INSIDE". A Vipassana meditation retreat with important and effective added values ​​that allow you to perform an 'Awakening'.
So Hopefully you can get what you want in this article "How To Control Your Mind" 

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