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Monday, 9 December 2019

How To Overcome Depression Easily| Depression Is Great Blessings

How To Overcome Depression Easily| Depression Is Great Blessings

When certain youngsters face Problems Or difficulties like failures,break-ups, loss etc, few go for drugs or alcohol instead of solving the problem and finding solutions.

So I want you to know what is that one hope a person can cling on to
even when Hearts fully shattered from within

So When Heart Fully Shattered What Can Anyone Do?

The question is do you want to allow yourself to be fully shattered, that's the question.

And many things that doesn't work out in your early life,you will see, later on, it is a great blessing.

There are many ways to look at this, let me
tell you this- this happened in 1941,
It's just when the Nazi movement was building up in Germany and in some parts of Europe.
So one day in Austria, a bunch of German soldiers came broke into the homes.

A Jewish family, a rich family they broke
the home and took away the adults, took away everything was robbed and these two children- a twelve year old girl and a eight year old boy were taken away.
They were taken to a railway station.

This is the month of November end, December
kind of time when it's becoming very cold.
So they were kept in the railway station for three days because the trains did not come.
Boys, little boys being boys, they started
playing football.So they were playing football and then suddenly
the train came.
The train is not a passenger train, it's
a cargo train, the goods train.So when the train came, the soldiers came
and rushed everybody into there the wagons which are there.Everybody got in and the little boy and the girl also got in but the little boy forgot to wear his shoes,he left his shoes outside and they pushed him into the wagon.So without shoes he came.His sister, a twelve year old girl saw her
kid brother coming without shoes and she got mad with him.
She held him by the ear, boxed his ears, scolded him nicely, slapped him.She said, are you idiot, already we are in
enough trouble now you come without shoes.
Because in Germany in winter, no shoes means you may lose your feet.So she's angry about that.

In the next station, the boys and girls were separated.After four years, after the war was over,she came out of the concentration camp to find seventeen members of her family including her little brother all had vanished, no records,no sign of them, they just evaporated.
At that time, the only thing that bothered
her was, the last few things that she said
to her little brother.She loves her brother but the last few things that she said to him were such terrible things,it rang in her mind and troubled her.
These are the last things I told my brother
and after that I'M never going to see him,
His gone.

"So she took a vow, if I speak to anybody in my life, I will speak in such a way if this is my last word, I will not regret."

This one thing transformed her life in such a way, she went on to United States,she died in 2006, she did some phenomenal work, built a hospital, somewhere near Chicago.
I think.She lived a fruitful life.

I'M saying even if you are put through the
most horrible situations,either you can come out using that experience
as a better human being or you can use the experience to become a
horrible mess!

So whenever Something Hurts You,there are
two options,
you can either become wounded or you can become wise, this is the choice.

The more things hurt you early on in your
life, the wiser you should have become, isn't it?
But unfortunately, most people become wounded.
This is simply because they just need an excuse to turn their own intelligence against themselves,
Thats all.

Especially if the world around you turns against
you,is it not very, very important that your intelligence
stands up for you.

Not every situation which seems like a solution
is actually a solution and not every situation which seems like a problem
is a problem So

What Is The Problems? What Is The Possibility?

How To Overcome Depression Easily| Depression Is Great Blessings

like this there was a little bird in

Michigan United States and
Winter was just sitting in
This is the time he has to move south
to warmer climes But he was little too happy and tweeting around you know he had found a lot of company and
the human species that
so many of them were tweeting, so he was also busy tweeting and
He kind of delayed his flights out so after Weather started freezing he tried to fly and his wings froze and he fell
Then a cow was walking by and it You know cows droppings happened.
It landed straight on the bird
feeling the warmth of the dung slowly the
bird recovered and became very happy and
tweeted again from Within the Dung a
Hungry Cat was passing by
heard the tweet Opened up the dumb and ate of the bird so not everybody who heaps shit on you or your enemies and Not everybody who gets you out of shit or
your friends?

It is just that
If you are equipped if you have equipped yourself in such a way no matter what happens You know how to make it in wonderful possibility for yourself.
Because what life throws at us is not our
choice always they try to manage it to some
extent But it is not entirely our choice
Life may throw all kinds of things at us,
but what we make out of is 100% ours
If this one dimension if we take charge of
this no matter what life at[me]?

I will make this into a tremendous process
for myself let it throw whatever
Doesn't matter what life throws at you you
will turn it into a possibility
You will not make anything into your problem because you are not a problem
This is a choice that every human being has
either for every situation
When I say every situation there are only
situations and situations and situations in
our lives When you don't know how to handle a particular situation [you call] that a problem.

How To Overcome Depression Easily| Depression Is Great Blessings

What is the problem for you?
Maybe wonderful possibility for somebody else usually easy?[isn't] it?
There are no problems in life there is situations.
You can either make it into your possibility or a problem you can  Eitheryou yourself become a possibility or a problem this is a choice every [human] being has
But to exercise this choice you [have] to be in a certain way within yourself
Within yourself you are in a certain state [of] equanimity Balance and exuberance that
No matter what life throws at you, you will
make it in you wonderful possibility Life can throw all kinds of [horrible] things
don't underestimate life it can do things
to you.Yes
It can you can do all kinds of things to you?
Most unexpected time it will throw something
at you that you did not imagine possible

The more active you are more unexpected things
happen to you

How To Overcome Depression Easily| Depression Is Great Blessings

So instead of trying to control what life
should throw at you?
Equipping yourself in such a way.
No matter what it throws at you.

You [will] make it into your wonderful possibility if this one thing is done within the human being Then every situation is a possibility once every situation becomes a possibility This human being will blossom To a full fledge life, and this is the aspiration of every life to somehow become a full-fledged life.
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