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Saturday, 14 December 2019

New Year Resolution 2020| Things To Do In 2020 To Improve Yourself

New Year Resolution 2020| Things To Do In 2020 To Improve Yourself

Welcome back to my blog so 2019 is almost over and this is the best time to make some Goals for yourself in 2020 I have made some goals for myself which I'm going to share with you guys and I hope that you guys will be also able to resonate with it and pick up a few of them for yourselves let me know in the comment section below about your resolutions and also since we are friends we must check on each other if we are sticking to our resolutions so we are going to help each other fulfill the new year resolutions because oh my god there are so many resolutions that have made in the past eighteen years but oh god no I have never been able to fulfill more than two of them in a year so yeah that happens but this year I have made like 10 resolutions and let's start without any further ado so the  things that I really want to do this year which you may also consider is

New Year Resolution 2020| Things To Do In 2020 To Improve Yourself

 So I think interest in Korean now because I am a kpop fan and this happens but I am also very interested in French because I'm a literature student and French literature is exceptionally amazing so that's something I really want to learn so the app that I use for learning new languages is Duolingo duolingo is an amazing app which teaches you new languages mostly through English but the Korean one actually has Korean alphabets and Korean alphabets are actually very easy to learn so coming back duolingo is the best app that you can get I guess if you want to learn a new language what I love the most about duolingo is that it's completely free there are no lessons locked in case you don't want to pay your money almost all lessons are available to anyone and everyone and that is something really special about this app there are a lot of apps that have used which log a lot of chapters which is like crazy because how am I supposed to learn a language if I don't get access to all of it so that is something that I love tolling or for the premium version is also very good in that you just don't get to see the ads also learning a new language actually boosts your brains powers so yeah it's very effective for students.

  • Read More Books In 2020

New Year Resolution 2020| Things To Do In 2020 To Improve Yourself

 I have a target of 300 works in very 20 because I finished reading over 150 books in 2019 so maybe I'll be able to push myself a little bit next year but I really want to focus more on nonfiction there are so many benefits of reading books and I really really want to incorporate that more and more into my life and I really hope that he would be also reading more books and 2020 because books are totally awesome.

  • Save More Money And Invest If Possible 

New Year Resolution 2020| Things To Do In 2020 To Improve Yourself

that is something that I've never done I am a beginner to matters of money honestly and there's this a YouTube Channel called saloon Easter warszawa which has helped me a lot and understanding finance and how to use it better and also investments and I really suggest you guys to check that channel out money is such an important thing in our lives so there's this book called culture. culture which I read recently and I would recommend you guys to read it that book perfectly highlights our attitude towards money. money changes our attitude and it's very important to utilize it in the right way and also stay humble grounded and also not stress ourselves out after money so that is something that I really want to learn how to save more and how to be more conscious about money and I think finance channels do help a lot and solonius channel is a Lifestyle  YouTube  Channel but she makes amazing videos regarding finance. she also makes cooking videos and some productivity videos which are also equally amazing so make sure you're checking her out.

  • Start Gardening

New Year Resolution 2020| Things To Do In 2020 To Improve Yourself

 I live in a flat so it's a bit difficult to garden much but then I discovered this YouTube channel called garden up and I got to know that you can do it easily in a flat as well and now I do have a potted plant and I really really hope that it rose and it grows real real big but I don't really want to get a lot of plants because I do have rabbits but I do want to get a few and take care of them because it's lovely to grow something and if it's a plant it also helps to purify the atmosphere of your home which is like very important in the condition that we are living in right now especially if you are living in the and in case you also want to take up gardening as a hobby or as a resolution in 2020.

  • Start Meditating

New Year Resolution 2020| Things To Do In 2020 To Improve Yourself
So I discovered this app called headspace lately and you guys know I've been going gaga over it I use it all the time to sleep to meditate to have a more peaceful mind there's something about the voice of the guy you know it's so soothing like I sleep within five minutes but the app is also very good for meditation and meditation is something that I really really want to practice next year more because I've been stressed out and it's very important to reduce stress to maintain a healthy life and that is why I really want to pick up meditation and if you are somebody who does practice meditation let me know guys how do you do it I get so distracted all the time.

  • Be More Healthy 

New Year Resolution 2020| Things To Do In 2020 To Improve Yourself

And  this is a resolution that stays on the top of my list every year for the first half of the year I do adhere to it but slowly it starts to wear away I started 2019 very very positively I was eating oats all the time and then towards the end of 2019  also I did that but right now something has happened I just can't eat healthy anymore I just have this tendency of reaching out for snacks and oh it's it's terrible so I really want to change that in 2019 and I hope that happens you're someone who struggles between wanting to be healthy and wanting to have good food god please give me a virtual high five it's such a dilemma something that I always wanted to do was to become a morning person I really feel that morning is the best time to unleash your productivity levels and it is something that I've been trying to do for a long time now so I do wake up at a time earlier than before but then it's not 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. is the time that I'm trying to hit this year there's this book called the 5:00 a.m. Club which just released it's a book by Robin Sharma and it's gonna be my first read from Robin Sharma I am very excited for it and I really hope that it will help me in five a.m. club member and I really feel that five waving works for a lot of people and it may work for me as well but if you're someone who's a night person there's no need to change yourself it's okay it's perfectly fine if you are more comfortable at night but I think I am more productive during the morning and hence I want to just push back the time a little earlier so I hope that happens this year.

 so we are people living in the age of the internet we are always watching YouTube videos we are always scrolling down our Instagram and Facebook feeds we are always reading articles and tweets it's crazy we are consuming a hell lot of content but most of the times we forget to create content in that go which is why there are so many content creators who have gained such Fame and such publicity because they are creating and I do want to be one of them I don't want to consume more than what I create so my focus for 2020 is going to be more on creation of videos,essays article than reading and watching them and I really hope that you guys will consider doing that as well.

  • Spend More Time With Family

New Year Resolution 2020| Things To Do In 2020 To Improve Yourself

 So as I'm growing up I have seen that I am being a bit distanced from my family and we really don't really resonate that merge and we never did but then it's growing further and what I'd really want to do is go out with them once a month that was something we used to do when I was a kid we used to go out all the time to restaurants and places near our home but now it's like we hard to get any time for each other we are so busy in our lives but I really hope in 2020 I'll be able to bond with them further and like just be a bit more close as a family you know and this happens with everybody if you have a family you will understand there's a distance that grows with age which you can definitely work on easily and I think 2020 is going to be the year when I should start working on it.

  • Work Towards Yours Ambition

New Year Resolution 2020| Things To Do In 2020 To Improve Yourself

 Also I'd love it if your goal in 2019 is to work towards your ambition so just figure out what your aim in life is and start working towards it and if you don't have an aim in life just work towards your hobby it's the best thing in the world if your hobby becomes your career and you must definitely start taking the baby steps that you need to take in 2020 definitely I personally want to pursue a career in academics which means I need to study more in 2020 Oh God so I've been thinking about making study videos as well and just let me know if you want to see something like that but honestly why I don't make them is that I'm very afraid that if I start shooting and then I stop studying and that's something that I don't want to do at all I am NOT a studious person but then I'm also not a very like a person who does not study at all I'm somewhere in between I'm a very average person so yeah it's weird and I don't think I'll be able to make a study with you but I really want to try my hand at it further like maybe a couple of videos so just let me know in the comment section below if you want to see something of that sort I hope that you liked today's article.
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