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Thursday, 14 May 2020

Download Drugi Numer Android App

Drugi Numer — 2nr is a free chat mobile app that allows you having more than one phone number on your handset simultaneously. With the help of tabled tool, you are able to have up to 3 additional phone numbers on one and the same SIM card, regardless of your operator.
Just imagine that you do not need buy new smartphones or search for a model with Dual SIM option. Several cell numbers are at your service on your own current device with the help of tabled application. There are no any formalities and hesitation, you get new number immediately. It is cool and practical, isn`t it?

Highlights of the app:
  • There are no costs, obligations or additional contracts from your operators. Just download the app and enjoy all the advantages of having 2 or more cell numbers on your gadget.
  • With additional numbers provided by Drugi Numer — 2nr app, you are able to protect your privacy, run a business from a special separate number, etc.
There are many more options for having more than only one number. Open the next freedom level, you can do it right now.

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