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Monday, 4 May 2020

Download Niskaarangal - Malayalam Android App

Niskarathinte poornna roopam, Islam is the fastest growing religion with over 1.6 billion followers all over the globe. All Muslims are taught within the religion to worship God Almighty through salah (daily prayers).

Niskaaram app is an Islamic Prayer guide with meanings of prayers in malayalam along with a PRAYER TIME CALCULATOR which can calculate prayer times accurately depending on the location you are present in. We have added a qibla finder too to the app. So that you can find which direction is the qibla.

Muslims believe that we are created for the sole reason to worship Allah alone. This purpose is fulfilled through the daily salah. This guide will cover many of the essentials a Muslim needs to know in order to make their daily prayers:

This app will provide you the whole collection of Sunnath Niskaram in Malayalam. It contains the complete details on the Sunnath Niskaram which is to be essential in our daily lives. This app give you the methods of doing those prayers also the Dikr and Dua that is used in the Prayers(swalath). This app will help you lot for achieving more and more Khair in life.

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