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Thursday, 7 May 2020

How to Fill Saudi Arabia Embassy Registration for Repatriation

Embassy of India, Riyadh Information Collection Sheet for Repatriation : Indian Embassy Registration of Indians Returning from Saudi Arabia The embassy said it was currently collecting information on return flights and the decision on flights to the country was yet to be decided. The Indian embassy said the process would continue only after the decision of the central government.

Everyone must register individually. The Embassy said that those who wish to go with their families should register themselves separately. You can register through this link.
For Indians who wish to return home from Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia has provided an opportunity to register with the Home Ministry’s online portal Abshir. Those who are re-entry visas, final exits, family visa visas, business visas and tourist visas are required to register in Abshir for returning home.
But for all of them to get the benefits, the central government has to pay. They can only be repatriated as per the Central Government’s permission to repatriate them.

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