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Friday, 1 May 2020

Send Large files via Whatsapp - Download Envelop

Very simple to use. Upload a file, get a download link and share it.
There's no file limits. No tracking. Your files are kept private.

Envelop runs on Blockstack. Which means you decide where your files are stored. You can use the default storage or setup your own storage by following Blockstack's instructions. Login with your Blockstack account, or create one quickly and for free.

▶ Features
• Transfer any file type without altering the original
• All you need is a one-time 6-digit key for an easy file transfer
• Wi-Fi Direct: transfer without using data or the Internet
• Share files to multi-people at once via a link
• Transfer files to a specific device
• Reinforced file encryption (256-bit)

▶ Send Anywhere PLUS
• Upload maximum 50GB files at once
• Create 1TB My link
• Set expiration date as you want
• Limit download count and more..

▶ When to use Send Anywhere!
• When moving photos, videos, and music to your PC!
• When you need to send large files but you do not have mobile data or you have difficulty connecting to the internet
• Anytime you want to send files in an instant!

* While using the application if an issue or error arises, please let us know by clicking “Send Feedback” under More menu

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