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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Shot On Stamp Photos with ShotOn Watermark Camera

Shot on iPhone App quickly Watermarks all your Photos with a trinity of “Shot On” labels in variation of “Shoton (iPhone/ iPad Name)”, “Shot by (Signature text)”, as well as “ShotOn Watermark Brand Logo”

It is assembled with the complete catalog of every single Apple iPhone and iPad Model Names i.e iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 7 plus, 8, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini as well as X which makes your work go in a flow.

All it demands a one-time setup to furnish up your iPhone as well as iPad pre-captured photos stunningly.

- Simply Swipe the Toggle on,
• Choose your Model Name
• Add Shot by Signature Text
• Pick up Shot On iPhone Watermark Logo and here you go!

Moreover, you can even edit and custom these Shot On Watermark Stamps as you wish to.

- What makes us different?
• Only App with 3 -in-1 ShotOn iPhone Tags in Single Download
• Quick and Simple User-Interface
• Preview before adding a ShotOn

“Shot on iOS is specifically developed for iPhone’s obsessed users to carry their photographs a step ahead and grab all the kudos they deserve”

Let's check out what it offers to jazz up your gallery photos stunningly:-

- Default ShotOn iPhone Series:
• A great catalog of every single iPhone Model names to choose your Shot On device Name tag ( from iPhone 3G to iPhone X)

- Adjustable Stamp Position:
• Easily place your ShotOn iPhone to eight different areas of your image.

- Flexible Font Size:
• Pick Shot On Stamp size from M to XXXL as per your image look and feel.

- Varieties of Font Formats:
• Classy font options to choose from according to image background.

- Editable ShotOn Tags:
• Custom and Add your own ShotOn Device Name as well as your Shot By Signature Text.

- Customize Watermark Logo:
• Import and Add your own ShotOn logo using (+) symbol according to your wish.

iPhone Photography is booming the current market, So why not exhibit these images vigorously by adding a cluster of ShotOn iPhone to it. This will not only showcase an iPhone Model among everyone but will also disclose the name behind the captured image.

Not satisfied enough? Looking for some more add-ons to get it? We’ve got few listed out for you!

Benefits of Adding ShotOn to Photos:-

- To Flaunt your Mobile Device
So love your device camera functionality? And willing to demonstrate it in front of the world that you have an “iPhone”, then Shot On iPhone tag can be the best addition to do it automatically with your pre-captured photograph.
Ex: Add Tag i.e Shot on iPhone 7, Shot on iPhone X

- To Showcase your Identity and skills
Mobile Photography is the new trend, isn’t it? No matter you take pictures casually or professionally, you definitely deserve the credits. Simply adding Shot By Signature will do it for you. Ex: Add Tag i.e Shot by Chirag

- To Secure while Sharing Online
Anything shared online can be copied easily and can be reused without your permission, isn’t it? You obviously don’t want this to happen with you, if yes, then mask your gallery photo with Shot by Signature Watermark and preserve it.

- To frame up Branding and Advertising
Watermarking images and adding signature is mainly used for branding your company behind your products, isn’t it? These trinity Shot On’s is will even do it for you and make your photograph distinct. Ex: Add Tag i.e ShotOn iPhone Logo

- To Embellish your Photo distinctly
These ShotOn’s will decorate your gallery pictures in such an elegant way, that you won’t really need numerous elements to enhance it, just tap and add these clusters to amplify it as picture perfect.

Briefing it up, ShotOn for iOS is compiled with every single functionality you wish to have with any Shot on Watermark Stamp. This can definitely be the best addition to the category of your mobile apps.

• So what are waiting for? Gift your iPhone this ShotOn now and start labeling your pictures!

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