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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Strawpoll - Create Online Poll in Seconds

StrawPoll provides a platform for users to create various types of polls. The most popular type are "straw polls", which can be used to easily find the majority in a group with different opinions. The name "straw poll" was embossed in web culture since Usenet (since 1979) as a synonym for this type of ad-hoc, unofficial votes. We do our best to fight voting fraut with various methods (read below), but we cannot guarantee to completely eliminate it. Therefore, our "straw polls" shouldn't be used in political context, in which the right term of this type of polls is "honor-system polls".

Straw polls are anonymous opinion polls that help you and your participants to easily choose the best option on any topic. They are very useful when only the majority opinion is important and not the opinion of each individual participant.


  • Private or public polls
  • Anonymous voting
  • Real-time results

StrawPoll Meetings
StrawPoll Meetings are a great tool to schedule meetings and other times with clients, colleagues or friends. A meeting poll is very helpful in situations where the opinion of each individual participant is important.
  • Always private
  • Unlimited participants
  • Votes can be edited later

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